Lisa-Anne French is a Certified Nia Black Belt, a Certified Nia 5-Stages Teacher, and a Certified Mat, Standing and Reformer
Pilates Practitioner.  She received her Nia training and certification through The Nia Technique in  Portland, Oregon.  She received
her Mat and Standing Pilates training and certification through the PhysicalMind Institute in New York City, and her Reformer Pilates
training and certification through Balancepoint Pilates.  Lisa-Anne has also studied privately and extensively with Luis Bravo who is
a Second Generation Pilates Master Teacher.  Luis graduated from Lolita San Miguel's (Lolita is one of only three living Joseph
Pilates' First Generation Teachers) Pilates Master Mentor Program.

Seeing firsthand how people find joy, inspiration and improved health through Nia and Pilates has given Lisa-Anne a passion for
this wellness work. "By showing people how to integrate mind, body, emotions and spirit, I help individuals make a real difference in
the way they live their everyday lives."  After 30 years studying and  performing Jazz, Funk and Modern dance in Europe, Asia and
the US, Lisa-Anne found the perfect home for her body, mind, spirit and emotions in the teaching and practice of Nia, Pilates and
Conscious Fitness techniques

Lisa-Anne has lived in Europe, Asia and in many states in the U.S.  She is an expert on moving.  Always an avid athlete, Lisa-Anne
has excelled in swimming, racewalking, traditional aerobics, and soccer.  She provides personal training and offers both private and
group classes.  When not moving her body, she travels.  She leads Conscious Fitness Vacations at various locations around the
About Lisa-Anne
Conscious Fitness Trainer
Certified Nia Black Belt Teacher
Certified Nia 5-Stages Teacher
Certified Pilates Teacher
President, Conscious Fitness
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