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Nia class has been a great gift. If you are not familiar with Nia it is a blend of dance,
martial arts movements and other body enriching techniques, such as, yoga. You can
learn more about Nia on YouTube or Wikipedia. I enjoy the mix of vigorous exercise
(you will sweat ), stretching, and footwork practiced to a changing lineup of music. I
also appreciate that there is a lot of opportunity to vary movement according to
individual whims and without striving for "perfect"  form as I've found myself doing in
some yoga classes. I would  recommend Nia to anybody who seeks to improve their
footwork for any sport, in which, superior footwork provides an advantage; or, like me,
just for the fun of it. Lastly, I've noticed carryover benefits in unexpected areas.  For
instance, better flexibility in my hips has increased my breaking power in pool (sinking
the 8-ball on consecutive breaks recently confirmed this).