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I discovered Nia in December of 2009 while spending Christmas with a friend in
London, Ontario.  My friend is a Certified Nia White Belt.  We watched a Nia DVD.  I
had been religiously doing a dance program in Marblehead for 24 years. I love to
dance!  As soon as I watched the Nia DVD, I knew I had to find a local Nia teacher the
minute I got home to Marblehead.  I went online and there was Lisa-Anne!  I tried her
class at Green Tea Yoga and I was hooked immediately.

At the time, I was unemployed and stressed to the max!  Lisa-Anne's class was a
breath of fresh air, a shot in the arm, an hour of pure joy and a therapy session all
rolled into one! I'm convinced I wouldn't have made it through that challenging time
without Lisa-Anne and Nia.

Lisa-Anne's joy is infectious.  Her knowledge is outstanding and her passion is
remarkable.  I'm so grateful to Lisa-Anne for inspiring me to be grateful for the joy of

Dee Cuffe
Marketing Administrator
Reiki Practitione