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Nia changed my life.

The best way I can describe Nia is this: it’s a high potency vitamin for my mind and
body.  It has taught me to accept and love myself. It has empowered me to take
risks in life and to see the beauty in each day.  I started Nia over three years ago
when my best friend begged me to try a class with her.  She told me that the
instructor (Lisa-Anne) was trying to spread the word about this amazing thing
called Nia. It was pretty new to the North Shore at that time, even though it was, I
discovered later, developed in the early ‘80s….better late than never!

When my friend described Nia to me, I said “I do NOT want to “dance” with a room
full of strangers….I’m too uncoordinated for that! I’ll be embarrassed!”
Well, I was hooked after one class!

I have been exercising in one form or another for over 12 years, but Nia is by far
the most satisfying and rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself.

-Lauri Dyer