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Many women and men have a hard time accepting their
bodies. We are all familiar with images of beauty popularized
by the media.  What movies and media leave out, however, is
that a healthy body is a beautiful body.  A beautiful person
knows herself, and is comfortable with herself.  Confidence
through self-acceptance.  That’s what's truly sexy.
love your body
Conscious Fitness is about becoming healthy in the body that
you have -– not about seeking to have someone else's body.  If
you have a five-foot-four inch body, it makes no sense to wish to
have a five-foot-ten inch one.  Your goal is to become the best
version of your own, unique five-foot-four inch body.

Through Conscious Fitness, you will develop an awareness for
the wonderful complexity of your body and what it can do.  As
you come to understand (mind) and appreciate (emotion) the
wonder of your body, you'll develop an enhanced sense of
yourself and a renewed love for your body.  You’ll carry yourself
with the confidence that says, “I am comfortable in my body”.