What is Pilates?
Pilates focuses on developing whole body strength, with a focus on the core, and ways of moving that can be integrated into everyday life.  The practice of
Pilates brings together six basic principles.  These include (a) centering, (b) concentration, (c) control, (d) breath, (e) precision and (f) flow.  People who
develop a Pilates practice not only develop core strength within their bodies, but they are also able to bring a more centered sense of self into their everyday
activities and experiences.

Pilates is not simply a sequence of movements or a set of exercises that have to be performed in a particular way.  Instead, it reflects a commitment to a
healthy lifestyle.  In class, Lisa-Anne not only sets out the goals of each exercise, she also explains the anatomical and bio-mechanical aspects of the
movements in ways that help students enhance their movements.  Lisa-Anne looks at each individual's body's needs and adjusts the Pilates Repertoire and
exercises to help each
person in the way he or she needs most vs. trying to adjust the body to a rigid repertoire.   In addition to teaching Mat, Standing and Reformer Pilates,
Lisa-Anne also specializes in Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates and Postural Training.  For more information about
Reformer Pilates, click here.
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"I teach for the body in front of me." - Joseph Pilates