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Mat or Reformer?

Should you choose Mat or Reformer Pilates?  What are the differences?
  Because Mat and Reformer Pilates are based upon the same
principles, they reap similar benefits.  Reformer Pilates offers a
somewhat more challenging set of exercises than Mat/Standing Pilates.  
It also brings about the benefits of Pilates more quickly.  Many beginners
choose Mat/Standing Pilates first, and then move onto Reformer Pilates
or a combination of Mat/Standing and Reformer Pilates.  Lisa-Anne will
work with you to determine which system is best for you given your
unique needs and particular stage of development.
Joseph Pilates and his Reformer Machine
All of the 500 classical Pilates exercises
are based upon the idea of working
against resistance.  There are several
ways of working against resistance.  In
addition to Mat and Standing Pilates,
Conscious Fitness also offers Reformer
Pilates, which involves the use of a
Reformer Pilates Machine.
Reformer Pilates
The Reformer Pilates machine is an elegant system of pulleys and springs that allow for fine-tuned exercises that target
different areas of the body.  Reformer Pilates increases whole body strength, flexibility and improves posture.