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I was so wrapped up in work and was so concerned that everyone else was happy, but had forgotten
about my self. So I signed up for a Monday night Pilates class at the Marblehead YMCA.  My intent
was to improve my general fitness and to have a scheduled appointment -- something that was just
"my time".  Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have Lisa-Anne for my teacher.  She brings energy to
the class and an excitement that is contagious.  It is challenging to get motivated to exercise
sometimes, but not with Lisa-Anne!  I feel with Pilates, my overall strength has improved.  I have a
better attitude as well.  

I also decided to venture out of my box and try Lisa-Anne's Nia class.  When I attend Lisa-Anne's Nia
classes,  I leave with a big smile.  Nia is different from anything else I have ever tried.  It gets my brain
working and brings me outside of my comfort zone, which to me is a great thing.

I think my overall strength has improved. When I began Pilates, my abdomen was not as strong as it
is today.  I am now more aware of my body.  I can feel what's going on within my body.  And mentally,
Pilates makes me feel refreshed and happy.

So many things are special about Lisa-Anne.  She is a breath of fresh air.  She is what she practices.  
She is a non-judgemental person and is great at what she does.  She is excited about her classes
and passes that energy so that each student will have the best experience possible.

Tara Lojko
Tara Lojko